So later today we’re going with an ill defined group to see The Hobbit. I know Mike and Greg are going. Warren hasn’t gotten very excited about the film. Most of the complaints I’ve heard are about the 48fps version. It keeps being referred to as “soap opera vision”. That reminds me of motion smoothing. The good news? We’re not seeing that version. No theaters near my hell hole of a home are actually showing that version of The Hobbit and due to timing we aren’t seeing the 3D version either. We’re going to see a movie. An old fashioned 2D low frame rate movie and I couldn’t be happier about it.

If I had one complaint about Peter Jackson it would be that no one knows how to say “make some cuts” to the man. Three 3-hour films out of a short children’s book. I don’t understand this. There just isn’t enough material to warrant this. Even showing what Gandalf was doing while he was gone, this should only reach two films. I’m going to see it, but I’m not happy about these films and their run times. Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll put a spoiler free review up tomorrow or Monday. It may be spoilery though. I figure by then everyone on the planet will have seen the film. 🙂


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