Man. Yesterday was busy. I had to get my Multi-Artist Exchange submission worked on and I JUST finished it. That’s always fun. I like working with other people’s character designs. This round was Christmas so I got to stick a Santa hat on someone.
After getting the line work done I hooked up with Mike and we went Christmas shopping. Got Austin his present. Mike got mine and hid it from me. We ate at Whataburger. Not bad, but I’ve had better. Even there. The burger was just sort of sad and old. I swear I think the thing had been in storage for a week with a heating element. Normally that’s not the case. We rounded out the night at Paul and Jia’s playing Cards Against Humanity. My throat is still a bit sore from laughing.

So today is ok so far. The boss is on the phone, my MAX submission is submitted, and tonight I eat somewhere with Mike again. Most likely we’re going to watch Youtube videos. Funny how the world has changed. We used to watch TV or talk. Now we watch people injure themselves on the internet. I suppose that’s better going out and getting hurt ourselves.


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