Let’s see. Yesterday I was here in the office. Did the mentor thing last night. Trying to get my youthful ward to take charge and work on the ashcan for his class project. He wants to be a comic book artist but he has the same problem I had when I started. He doesn’t want to do the actual comic part. I’ve given him the materials and advise he needs, now he just needs to start. It’s not an easy thing to do. I know.

Today I’m back in the office but there’s been no sign of the boss so far. I’m assuming he’s out doing something. Tonight I work on Errant Apprentice and watch some MST3k.

Last night I got my latest MST boxed set in. It has two that I love dearly. The others I need to watch to figure out if I do or not. I now have “Robot Holocaust” and “Operation Double 007” aka “Operation Kid Brother”. Robot Holocaust was one of the first episodes I saw of MST and I watch watching it when my Info Club card came in the mail way back in 1990. Double 007 stars Neil Connery, brother of Sean Connery, as the brother of Englands unnamed “top agent”. It’s got M, Moneypenny, and several Bond villain actors in it as different characters and it’s just silly. Doctor Connery (yes that’s his name in the film) can hypnotise people and apparently flip them over his shoulder. What a hero. I’ll be watching that one tonight.

I’ve had this weight on my shoulders lately. My student loans come due soon. I checked though and one isn’t due till February. The other I’m not sure, but I have more time than I thought. Hurray!  Still need to find a way to get more financially stable. This isn’t a bad place to be and the money’s ok, but I need a real job with real income. I also need to be doing graphic design. Bad. Mississippi is a terrible place to be trying your hand at graphic design though. Or anything else for that matter.
Anyone got any leads on a job?


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