The Medical World

My dad’s doctor appointment keeps getting rescheduled. Not sure why. It’s pretty common at this time of year and we’re really fortunate that it’s just a general check up and nothing drastic. This does say something about the world of family medicine though. Let me tell you about my dad’s prescriptions. . .

My father is 74 years old. He’s on seven prescriptions right now. Two of these are for diabetes. He’s got type 2 so it’s not terrible. The real problem isn’t the diabetes. It’s getting the meds refilled. He’s got one more day of pills left and I’ve been trying to get the doctor’s office to fax his pharmacy back for a week or so now. He’s gone an entire month without this medicine, which he needs to live, due to no one at the office doing their job. The pharmacy is a through the mail service from Humana and has been really good about all this stuff since we started using them. Not their fault. They fax, and fax, and fax, and call, and fax. No one will pick up or fax back. We’ve complained multiple times every time we go down and nothing changes.

The problem is that our doctor’s staff is provided by the nearby hospital, CMMC. It’s not the best place. In fact, people around here keep cards on them that say “Do not take to CMMC” in case they collapse. These are the people running the office while Doc Sheffield tries his best to keep patience. I feel bad for the guy. They have him over a barrel and there isn’t much he can do. AND he’s been our family doctor since his first practice opened back in ’85 or ’86. Long time.

In the end, this all just amounts to me having to drive down there and get sideways on the folks until they fax the paperwork back for my dad’s meds. I’m just really angry this has to happen every time.


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