Disaster Area

Working in a real estate appraiser office has it’s challenges. One of those is the fact that none of them ever pick up after themselves. I’ve taken a good stab at straightening up the office a number of times but I’m limited by my back. I’ve made progress though. My office for instance is vastly better than it was. Then there’s the actual appraisers’ offices. The filing system appears to be the floor and stacks exist in some sort of flux. They’re attempting to fall in every direction and because of that they can’t fall in ANY direction. I’ve inhaled more dust and dirt than when I unloaded trucks for a living. I also keep a bludgeon handy on the off chance that I upset some kind of rodent population. Nothing so far though.
The boss is actually talking to his co-worker about coming in and throwing out all the old paper work they don’t need so that suits me fine. At least I won’t have to unload it myself!


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