See Kevin’s blog turned into a giant. . . MUD PIIIIIIIIT!

So yeah. It’s Sunday. Been working on stuff around the house today. That and there were some plans on Minecraft. Right now the server is hiccuping and burping. My throat is feeling sore and scratchy. Not too good. Ah well. I’m taking Nyquil at night to sleep well. I went down to Krystal’s earlier to get food for me and the old man. Krystal’s is like a prepackaged fart. You know it’s going to happen when you start eating the damned things. Tomorrow it cools off and I refuse to watch Christmas movies when it’s in the 70’s and humid as a wet towel.

Got an email from Sallie Mae. My loans come due in January. Gonna have to talk to the folk at Antonelli about that. I’ve got no money and no prospects. If anyone knows of some graphic design work, PAYING graphic design work, let me know.


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