The 4th Dimensional Nature of Plugs

Through simple observation, I think everyone’s tried to plug a USB cord in the wrong way. I know I have. The problem is, it’s never the once. It’s usually twice. You try it one way, doesn’t work. Turn it over, still won’t work. Turn it back over, THEN it works. Same thing happens with cellphone plugs. I’ve given this a lot of thought actually. Probably more than is strictly necessary, but I think I’ve come to a conclusion that explains this phenomenon.

Modern plug ends are created somehow to occupy more than the normal three dimensions. Think of them like a hypercube. There are actually THREE sides to a modern plug, but only two of these are ever visible at any one time. The third is there and occupies space, but it only shows up after three flips or so.

This does lead to the question of what the third way is for? Is it involved in quantum computing some how? Extra-dimensional beings using them at the same time? Maybe David Icke’s lizard people are involved? Who knows. It’s the only thing that really makes sense when you think about it.


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