Woo-hoo! It’s Friday! The guy down the hall has opened his barbershop and is playing music with friends, the boss is reading the paper, and I’m blogging about it!
Since my laundry schedule is off right now, I’m down to the last of my outfits so I look like I’m going to a business casual funeral. Dark gray polo shirt, dark gray pants, black dress shoes and belt. I look like a software engineer died and I’m in mourning.
So this weekend will be nothing special I think . Working on comics and my MAX submission at some point, some Minecraft on Awesomeboat, and eating out with my two best buds tomorrow night. I may see who wants some chicken on a stick from the place near my house. That place is nuts. It used to be a cigarette store, then a sandwich shop, then another sandwich shop, and now they serve some really good food. The guy behind the counter is friendly and fun to talk to and the place is usually packed. Hope that means they stick around a while. If not there, maybe Windale Steak House. I’m in the mood for local and low rent.

I was looking at new graphic design tools last night. I’d read a really good review for these new tablets from Monoprice, but the customer reviews were much more mixed. Some times the tablets work with sai, sometimes with photoshop, sometimes with neither. The pressure sensitivity is questionable at best. I’m gonna have to pass.
I also read some favorable things about Manga Studio 5. Not sure what to make on that though. I haven’t really fooled around with my copy of 4 enough to judge it honestly, but it hasn’t impressed me so far. I’ll have to fool around. The biggest thing is I don’t understand most of the tools. I’ll have to hit up Youtube at some point for some tutorials or something.

Well, that’s enough for now. More later.


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