Still alive.

Despite my having a tumblr, a blog on my site, and professional bog, and facebook, I still find it nice to have a place here where I can ramble about art and my processes.

Lately I’ve switched to all digital comicing. It’s a good change for the most part. The line work is better. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Sai for drawing. I may do some experimentation on coloring, but I use dodge and burn in photoshop so much it’s ridiculous. None the less, this cuts down on paper storage and having to buy supplies every few months.

I’m thinking about selling off my old art work from EA. I don’t honestly think I’m going to have any buyers, but it’s worth looking into. Maybe I can run some¬†simultaneously. Maybe one of them will sell. We’ll see.

Still concerned with student loans. I’ll have to head up to Antonelli in a few days and talk to them and see if we can’t work something out. Right now, I’m still in no position to pay back $60k. None of the jobs I’ve gone after have panned out and working here in the office is the best I can do since if I go back to Rose’s I’ll die. No way I can go back there. I just can’t do retail any more.

On the plus side, the EA book will be ready soon-ish. I can put that out and see how sales go on that.

Well, enough of that for now. More later. Hopefully sooner than later.


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