Connecting Connections with Connectors.

Let’s be 100% honest here. I’m terrible at social networking. I’m also pretty terrible with social stuff period. I’ve been watching classmates profiles on linkedin blossom and spread and make new connections left and right and so far I’ve made none. I don’t get out, I don’t socialize, I don’t meet people. I can blame my father and his health for this all I want, but when it comes time to make connections I never seem to. I remember John (my web design teacher) saying he was going to introduce me to some people at a local advertising agency at an event and then the night of the event he bailed and went to Chicago. None of the other teachers knew them. Never met them.

I feel like the world is passing me by. I feel like I let the ship leave port and have been sitting on the dock ever since.

The part that sucks the most is I keep getting calls from Antonelli’s placement folks. They say “such and such needs a web designer” and I KEEP having to point out that I have a substandard education in web design and no degree in it. I’m a GRAPHIC designer. They get no calls for that though. I feel like I’ve wasted $60,000 in loans and now I can’t catch a break in paying them back. I have no idea what I’m going to do now.

In other news, the comic is going well. Drawing and coloring like a mofo. Readership’s down though. It’s been steadily dropping for about two years now. Readership on my other project is practically non-existant. On that, I have only one option though. I just keep going. Keep drawing, keep coloring, keep writing, and don’t give up. Maybe that will be enough to help me make it. We’ll see.


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