Megacon ’10 After Action Report

So this is two months late. Sue me. Instead of going on a day by day report as I meant to, I figured I’d go over the highlights.

First, I got to sit next to my dearest Kit for four days. How awesome is that?! Kit was a huge encouragement to me in the face of diversity. I didn’t think things would go too well and she kept me in a good mood. I tried to do the same for her. It was a more subdued con than in ’08. Several of the nightgig crew were not able to attend or didn’t come. KC wasn’t there. Karl was but even he had a more subdued appr0ach. There were some great highlights though. I got my copy of “The Life and Time of Scrooge McDuck” signed by Don Rosa himself. I did NOT get to meet any of the Star Trek folks there though. As excited as I was about LeVar and Brent being there I nearly flipped my wig when I saw Robert Picardo. Alas, I did not get to speak to him. Maybe next time.

On the whole the attendee’s weren’t as forthcoming with cash this year. People would pass by and talk about how awesome something was and then not buy. Seemed to be a running theme. I did meet some very interesting people though. There was a nice young lady dressed as a Team Fortress 2 engineer who commissioned several Transformers sketches from myself and others at the nightgig row. I also met . . . THE FRO!! An awesome dude who gave me my own afro. Check out the guy’s stuff.

I also managed to re-meet the guys from Stuck-on-Anime. These are some great folks who’ve bought some of my fan art and turned them into stickers. I’ve got several adorning my Macbook now.  If you happen to catch them at a con, look for my Dalek and Hellboy. They turned out great.

There’s tons more I don’t remember so I’ll go ahead and close for now. More later today or tomorrow about last week’s Free Comic Book Day.


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