Shifting joy and still working.

First off, Megacon report is going to be late.

So I’m currently REALLY enjoying the tactile sensation of drawing again. I get so much joy from it it’s ridiculous. I also have started looking for excuses to use my long neglected Copic markers. there’s something terribly satisfying about drawing something and coloring in the same sitting. For me it’s just pure creativity channeled and put in one place. It feels like magic sometimes and I suppose it is a kind of magic (all apologies to Queen) when you get down to it. You’re taking nothing tangible and making something that literally did not exist a few minutes before. The image that seems to be a culmination of this feeling is this:
An image I did for Kit's friend Alice.I did this for one of Kit’s friends. Her name is Alice and she absolutely loves Daredevil. I’d tried tackling this a few times in one pose or another, but this time it just seemed to click into place. It was probably the commission work I did at Megacon that finally get my juices to the point where I could handle this. At any rate, I got a lot of joy and satisfaction from doing this picture!

There is a down side though. I realized it after scanning the next page of Errant Apprentice. I nearly dread having to do the digital work and editing necessary to finish the comic. I just doesn’t thrill me the way it did. This isn’t too big of a surprise though. I tend to go through swings between drawing and coloring being my favorite part of the process and I always end up just having to slog my way through until I come out the other side. I’m a little upset about it though this time. They’re both part of what I do and what I enjoy doing and I shouldn’t really need to look at either as a chore. It’s an odd thing when your hobby sort of starts feeling like a job. Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for now. More as it happens and expect the blog to pick back up now.


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